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Factomart: Our Story

Factomart; founded in 2013 as an E-Commerce experimental project to explore the Online Industrial Channel. From that point, we developed into a pure E-Commerce player in 2015 having shipped products to nearly every continent in the world missing only Antarctica.

Factomart then grew into a full fledge Marketplace dividing into two divisions; the first being the Factomart Marketplace Platform, and the second being the Factomart Operation.

Factomart Marketplace provides a one-stop-service to the buyers and helps the sellers in their digital journey. Factomart Operation sells strategic products and services to cover the industrial niches to ensure that the market demands for the products are being met covering the gaps left by the sellers.


Factomart Industrial Products Marketplace

The marketplace launched on 28/08/2017 with 3 anchors sellers having already signed on and 11 others waiting for their onboarding process. The platform already has a traction of 50,000 unique visitors at the time of launch and over 6,000 subscribed users.

Buyers area; see what the Factomart Industrial Marketplace can do for you!


Sellers area; interested in becoming a platform sellers? Already a seller? You can find all the resources that you need, right here!


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